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I want to have my sweeping done

While operating, a heater becomes clogged. Soot, ash and deposits accumulate in the ducts and can lead to several accidents. Sweeping removes these deposits and thus avoids the risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition to safety, regular sweeping has many advantages. The conduit once swept, offers a better draft. Its optimized efficiency reduces pollution generated by fumes as well as fuel consumption by 7 to 10%.

We sweep the flue of your boiler(1)

At a rate of €90 including tax (2) for chimney sweeping alone, or €49 including tax in addition to the maintenance of your boiler on the same day, with the advantage of having only one appointment for these two services. (see below “Consider it!”)

For more details, contact us at 09 81 11 97 57 (non-surcharged call). We will answer your questions and the need for mandatory annual sweeping.

(1) Chimney sweeping possible subject to accessibility and without non-compliance, according to the rules governed by gas regulations, on the connecting ducts and chimney of combustion appliances. For more information, please contact our customer service.

(2) Travel and intervention included in the offer with delivery of the sweeping certificate.

To know :

When the operation is completed, our technician will issue a sweeping certificate to the occupant or owner. This document certifies that the sweeping has been carried out. It must be carefully kept until the next sweep. In particular, it may be useful to you vis-à-vis your insurer in the event of a claim due to a fire in your home.

Think about it!

Chimney sweeping, when necessary, can be offered as an option with the boiler maintenance contract or package, and you can benefit from a preferential rate of €49 including tax for chimney sweeping, instead of €90 including tax for chimney sweeping alone.

As a reminder :

Chimney sweeping is mandatory in accordance with legal provisions (1) for safety reasons. In the event of a claim, your insurer will request the chimney sweeping certificate, of which we also keep a duplicate.

Mechanical sweeping and checking the flue are essential for your safety, because an obstructed or leaky flue can be the cause of carbon monoxide poisoning.

(1) Provisions of article 31.6 of the standard Departmental health regulations included in each department by prefectural decree.

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