Boiler maintenance

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Jagar carries out your boiler maintenance

Our interview is

Checking your boiler for functionality and safety
Its complete cleaning, adjustment
As well as an assessment of air pollutants

Maintenance certificate

Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, our professional will provide you with a maintenance certificate at the end of this mandatory annual maintenance.

This document must be kept for presentation:

If requested by your landlord if you are a tenant
Or your insurance in the event of a claim

Appropriate advice

At the end of the interview, our professional will give you advice:

On the proper use of the boiler
Possible improvements to the entire heating installation

To know !

The main purpose of boiler maintenance is to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, to allow it to perform optimally, to significantly reduce the risk of breakdown and to extend the life of your boiler. .

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Heating and domestic hot water production systems are essential elements for the building and for the comfort of its occupants. It is therefore necessary to ensure their maintenance over time, to ensure that the initial energy performance is maintained and to guarantee your safety.

As a reminder :

As a homeowner or tenant, annual boiler maintenance is mandatory. In accordance with legal provisions (1) for safety reasons. In the event of a claim, your insurer will request the boiler maintenance certificate, of which we also keep a duplicate.

This maintenance concerns all boilers: gas, fuel oil, biomass, multi-fuels whose power is between 4 and 400kW.

In the absence of up-to-date mandatory annual maintenance, the insurer may refuse to compensate you in the event of a claim.

(1) Environmental code: articles R224-41-4 à R224-41-9
Order of September 15, 2009 relating to the annual maintenance of boilers
Décret n°2009-649 du 9 juin 2009 and décret n°2020-912 du 28 juillet 2020

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ile de france certified heating engineer

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Jagar, a conscientious company, understands that your safety and comfort are a guarantee of quality and satisfaction for both you and us.

And it is with this vision and our expertise that all of our clients and partners place their trust in us, to make your home a comfortable, economical, ecological, and secure place.

Jagar, a company concerned about its customers and the quality of its interventions, is proof of our commitment!

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