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air treatment paris

I maintain and purify the air in my home

Better air quality? For better interior comfort and essential well-being. Because you spend the majority of your life in your home, do not neglect the renewal of air. It has an impact on your daily well-being, your health, and your home.

Air saturated with dust and bacteria, trapped and stagnant inside a home, along with excessively high or low humidity levels, can lead to the growth of mold and sometimes contribute to health issues, leading to certain recurring illnesses.

For this reason :

Prevention is the best cure, which is why Jagar offers you comprehensive maintenance of your air renewal system. A system that should be present in every home, with or without single-flow or double-flow mechanical controlled ventilation (MCV).


We also intervene in the event of a breakdown in your air treatment

For any maintenance or repair request, you can contact us on 09 81 11 97 57 (non-premium rate call).

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