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I would like the rapid intervention of a plumber and heating engineer

We intervene in the event of a breakdown in your heating circuit, domestic hot water or sanitary equipment. Leak, blocked installation, replacement of a part, etc. We know that this kind of situation causes a lot of discomfort, which is why we intervene as quickly as possible.

Call us on 09 81 11 97 57 (non-surcharged call) for any information and we will do our best to answer your problem.

Our labels and certifications

Paris certified heating engineer
paris professional heating engineer
licensed heating engineer paris
paris heating engineer label
paris heating engineer certification
ile de france certified heating engineer

Most !

Depending on the nature of the intervention, Jagar undertakes through its structure and its advisers, to provide you with total transparency and clarity, both in terms of the quality of our intervention and the cost of it.

Our advisers and our diagnosis will provide you with a precise and accurate answer on the intervention to be carried out, so that our professionals who intervene in your home, do their utmost to undertake the desired work until its completion, in the best conditions.

All this in order to provide you with real support, from the moment you contact us, until the end of the intervention. Because a service provided under conditions of trust, transparency and serenity is part of our commitments!

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